Cannot see Japanese text while typing


This may be a weird bug report but I’m currently using my Scrivener for research and at least, until the last the time I used it (which I think was 1.5 or 1.6) I used to be able to type Japanese characters with ease like I would in a browser or in Word where I can see the Japanese text being typed as easily (I only use Japanese IME keyboard)

I recently upgrade to 022 and it no longer displays the Japanese word being typed as easily. I have to press enter to see what I have typed (whether in hiragana or katakana) or I have to press the spacebar just for the kanji options to appear (which is normal, however inconvenient since I cannot see the kanji to begin with).

I hope you can look into this since I’ve really enjoyed using scrivener and might switch to this as my regular word document processor.

Maybe someday you can also work on getting academic citations down in your system using the research function. That might be asking a lot for an academic, but it never hurts to ask.

Thanks and great job so far. I can’t wait for the release.

I have exactly the same problem with Korean in release 0.22. (I use Windows 7 Home Premium K.) It was OK in release 0.21. This SERIOUS problem seems to be East Asian language-related, and needs urgent measures.

Still can’t see korean text while typing in release .23. It was OK in release 0.21.
Can’t the developers reproduce the bug in Korean and Japanese? :unamused:

Scrivener Ver 023
Windows XP SP3

In editor panes, I cannot see Japanese text while typing. :frowning:

In Corkboard, outline, the left pane and right panes (Synopsis, general and so on), I can see them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it happens only in editor panes. :frowning:

So I cannot edit Japanese text with Scrivener! :cry: :cry: :cry:

On ver 210, I can see them. :exclamation:

Please fix the bug for multi-bite language writing peple! :wink:

Notehimself, thanks for your comment.
I confirm that the bug happens only in editor pane, and as you pointed out, it seems to be a multi-byte languages problem.

I can see multi-byte text while typing!

Thanks for fixing this bug. :smiley:

Now, I can see Korean while typing Korean.