Cannot see text under the High Contrast Black display theme

I just downloaded a Beta for the first time. It is version 1.6. I have my display set to the Windows High Contrast Black theme. (Control Panel --> Appearance and Personalization --> Personalization) In Scrivener, when I click on a card to edit, the background turns white. It seems that the color has been hardwired in instead of being retrieved from the current Windows color scheme. The font color, however, does seem to be retrieved from Windows. The end result is that I end up typing white on white and I can’t see what I’m typing at all. The only reason that I know the text is there is because it does show up if I Select All.

Because of this bug, Scrivener is unusable for me. I really hope you fix it soon. I rely on High Contrast Black to alleviate eye strain, and since it is a legitimate accessibility feature on Windows, I believe it should be supported.