Cannot seem to create backlinks

the new scrivener version is supposed to create backlinks when creating links (a feature I really was waiting for for a long time) but it does not seem to work, i.e. it is just like the old version, link is created but no backlink. I consulted the manual but could not find anything wrong with my approach. What is the trick?

Backlinks add links to the original in the document references pane in the inspector - is that where you are looking?

yes, and they are not there :cry:

just discovered that keywords are not there either. Keywords I assigned from the hud-window are not displayed in the respective pane and keywords cannot be assignet nor removed from document references pane in the inspector.
actually, I see they appear on the card on corkbord but not in the pane and I cannot remove them.

Do I have a problem with the document references pane in the inspector?

I have newest mac os version and scrivener version.

Could you please post a screenshot? Also, is the title shown in the index card in the inspector the correct one for the document? It sounds as though the inspector may be inspecting a different document - it always inspects the selected document.

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sorry, but I cannot post a screenshot.

yes, the correct document is selected (as I also said the keywords I select are shown on the correct card on the corkboard, so obviously the correct card is selected in the binder).

the inspector does not show keywords. It neither shows backlinks, so that could be relating to the same problem with the binder, to seperate problems with the binder or other problems not related dircetly to the binder. hope you can help, does it really work as supposed to on your machine?

Yes, it really works, so it’s definitely fixable, whatever’s going on with your machine. :wink:

Are you sure that in the inspector, you’re viewing the proper tab? The “document notes” section is open typically; to open the keywords tab click the icon of the key at the bottom or use View>Inspect>Keywords and to view the document references click the icon of books (left of the key) or use View>Inspect>References. I ask because you mentioned the keywords not showing up in the document references, but that’s to be expected–keywords don’t get added to the references, they’re in their own pane.

Oh, also, to get a screen cap, you can use cmd-shift-4 and drag to select the area you want to snap; it’ll create a .png to your desktop if you’ve never otherwise altered the settings, and you can then upload that as an attachment to your forum post.

I just re-started Scrivener and that fixed it. I see the keywords and the backlinks (which actually did not reside in the same documents, so different documents were affected by this same inspector pane problem)
So obviously, there is some bug. Thanks for taking the trouble reporting it :wink: