Cannot select centering alignment for new notes default

See attachment. I want new notes, by default, to have centered alignment, but Scapple doesn’t let me select that option.

Is that because I happen to have a stacked note selected?

I cannot reproduce that, as described. I click on the centre-alignment button, double-click on the board to test, and it is centre-aligned. What is meant by it not “letting” you select it? There is a system beep, it selects but doesn’t stick, or something else?

I did several more attempts and found an odd pattern. If i click on left or justified alignment, the corresponding alignment highlights. Same for right alignment most of the time, but sometimes, clicking on right alignment highlights center alignment instead. Clicking on center alignment never changes what is highlighted.

I can get center alignment by clicking for right alignment until it highlights center. Crazy.

I’m using a Magic Trackpad and haven’t seen this issue in other apps or elsewhere in Scapple.

I would try a reinstall in that case. I even tried with your accessibility setting and it worked fine for me.

I’ll try that, but I suspect Big Sur is the problem, and if so, it will probably go away at some point. I have changed the default as desired and I can force my way to selecting centering if necessary again, so it’s not a serious problem.