Cannot sort items in Outliner! Help needed


I need to sort items in outliner view. I’m using Windows 7.
In the outliner, sorting items by title, created date, modified date… etc is not possible.
When I click or double click on any column’s header nothing happens.
I searched this issue in forums and learned that this feature is available, and you just have to click and it sorts documents accordingly.

I tried everything in the options, but to no avail.
I’m in the evaluation period, and haven’t purchased the software yet.
Could this be because I’m not using a registered version?
Or is this functionality unavailable in the first place?


Sorting in the outliner is one of those Mac only things at the moment.

It’s coming for Windows, but likely not until the next major (2.0) release.

Thank you

Any idea when such release will be ?

This is of utmost importance to me.
I’d be very thankful if you tell me when to expect this feature to be added.

Nobody knows. Well, maybe L&L do, but they haven’t said.

Even we don’t know yet. :slight_smile: We always try to stress that one should purchase the software that is in front of them, on its own merits, not based on what it will/might become. Granted with the Windows version that road map is much more clear, but given that there is no schedule of features, it may be a while. The Mac version didn’t have outline sorting for about four years, and it’s been the same for the Windows version.

Meanwhile, I don’t know why you are wanting to sort things, but if it is to find groups of similar items, consider the powerful Project Search feature. If you want to find a bunch of items marked “To Do” with their status, you can search specifically for that and return a list of just those items—even save that search for future use, all from the magnifying glass button in the search tool.