Cannot update, cannot get on mailing list

I am on-line with an Internet connection and as I type this. But when I tried to check for updates, I get a pop-up error message that says, “No active network connection found. You need an Internet connection to check for updates.”


When I tried the “keep in touch” option and entered my name and email address, I received this error message:

Attention Webmaster! Form Misconfiguration

For some reason we cannot determine the domain your form is on.
You’re going to have to tell us by including a line like

within your html form.

Please help! I have version 1.2 1.0 dated June 2012. Since I purchased the software last fall, I must be receiving some kind of updates…but why is it not allowing me to update?

Bettye Griffin Underwood

Actually, there was a bug in the update code for that version, I believe. As a result, you have to go to the main website and download the “trial” version again. When you install it, the program will recognize your license key, so everything should then be solved. There’s a link at the top of the page at

As for the mailing list web form… I’ll leave that up to one of the official Lit & Lat people to look into.