Cannot update

I have windows version and each time I load scrivener it asks me to update.

On clicking update, the download fully downloads when I’m asked to click install… the update message says that cling this “install” button will close Scrivener and load the update program.

…however, all that happens is that Scrivener closes and then nothing.

I’ve asked Scrivener support several times over several weeks how I can address this (for example can I simply download the latest version and install, with my product key working to register and remove trial feature) but no response.

I would be grateful for knowledgable advice.

I would suggest two (unrelated) things you should try:

  1. Check your spam filters. Their responses may be stuck in limbo.
  2. Uninstall your current Scrivener, then manually download the latest version and install it.

I have an almost identical problem. Also it keeps rejecting my various attempts to sign in. Sent them a letter two weeks ago no reply. It is very irritating can’t use system.