Cannot Upgrade

Upgrade not working.

  1. Email address entered - Check
  2. Confirmation - Check
  3. Go to Check for Updates - install 2.0
  4. Drag Icon to Applications

Result - no upgrade… still showing version - 1.54

Help :frowning:

Since it is the holiday season, you will probably get a faster response by emailing support.
There is a link here
(not sure if OK to post email in the forum - those email-harvesting spam bots are everywhere)

EDIT: just read the note at the top of the page I linked to. Seems by posting here you are doing exactly what Keith et al requested. Here is the message:

Just to clarify, are you upgrading from 1.54 to 2.0 via the “update notice” in 1.54? If so, that’s not actually downloading 2.0, which may be your problem. Go directly to the L&L main page and click “Download Scrivener” there and do the install.