Cannot write spaces between words

I have reported a nasty bug in Scrivener in November 2015 and it is still there. It arrived when I upgraded my OS to El Capitan. This is difficult to reproduce, but this is what happens: I cannot type spaces between characters. I can type letters, but space bar does nothing. After that I have to restart Scrivener. I have to always force quit it, because it becomes unresponsive when it is syncing my documents in Dropbox. This can happen many times a day and it is now driving me to seek for alternative writing software. Am I really the only one who has encountered this issue?

What version of Scrivener do you have, please?

Are you writing in English, or another language?

Are you using an Apple keyboard, or something else? And does the space bar behave properly in TextEdit?

I don’t know if you’re the only person experiencing this issue, but it’s definitely not common.


The version I use is 2.7.

I am writing in English and using Sente 6 as the reference software.

I am using the internal keyboard of my MacBook Pro. So this is not a bluetooth issue. The space bar is working in all other apps except Scrivener does not register it now and then. The crash after that is related to the fact that the sync with external folder becomes unresponsive, when I try to quit the application. When Scrivener is relaunched, the space bar is working again for a while.

EDIT: It happened again today, when I was writing. Now I realise that I was pasting text from Safari before that using “Paste and Match Style” command. I also noticed that this affected only the section I was currently editing, I could still write spaces to other “scrivenings”. Maybe this is related to pasting?

Could you send a copy of the crash report to our support address,, please? Please reference this thread so that whoever sees it will call it to my attention.


Sorry for the slight delay. I have now encountered the bug again and send the crash report as requested. Weird thing was that this time I could write spaces between words, but Scrivener became unstable: I noticed it was impossible add new texts to a folder. When I quitted the programme, it hanged on the syncing the Dropbox folder.