Can't Access My Files

System = Win7 Pro

There is a folder within my project that contains a list of files that I’ve been working on. Unfortunately, I am unable to open any of them anymore. Though the title shows in the editor window, I can’t activate it nor does anything show up in the editor.

To retrace my steps:
Last night before bed I, the editor was a split window, one of which was in outline mode. From the binder, I added a list of files to a collection. I rearranged the sequence of files in that collection then saved it as a folder so as to preserve the new sequence. I didn’t notice any problems at the time.

Upon returning to my computer, after a night’s sleep, I noticed that both editor windows were displaying outlines of the same folder, not the way I thought I left it. When I tried to change one of the edit windows, it did not respond. I rebooted my machine. Trying again, I could access my lost files until I split the editor again. Once I split the editor, I can activate either window but can not access my file content in either window. If I return to single screen view, it displays an inactive screen with nothing but the title in it and will not allow me to activate it.

Note that other files and folders in the same project work as expected.

Please help me get this working again! I am in the middle of a time sensitive project.


When you say that the editor can’t be activated, do you mean that for just the certain files, you cannot focus in the editor window, but you can load a different document in the editor and work as normal? I can’t think of any cases quite like what I think you’re describing. Are these text documents that aren’t loading, or media files like videos or PDFs?

It might be helpful if you could post a screenshot or two of the project window in this state, with the binder visible. Also, check in Help > About Scrivener to ensure you’re using the latest version, 1.8. If it’s anything earlier, either run Help > Check for Updates or download 1.8 directly from the website and install that (with Scrivener closed) to make sure we’re not dealing with any outdated bugs.

I think I have this figured out though. I think the problem was me.

When I want to view a text file in an editor window that had been in Outline Mode, I must also manually switch to Single Document or Scrivenings Mode. If I leave the window in Outline Mode, I will get the kind of behavior I described above. :slight_smile: