Can't Access Nanowrimo template

I’ve been using Scrivener to do Nanowrimo since 2011. However this year I can’t seem to access the Nanowrimo template. When I click on Templates it only brings up Character Sketch and Setting Sketch. When I started the new project yesterday, it had the Daily Goal page to begin with, and so I wrote on that yesterday. But today, I can’t find a way to make today’s manuscript page be a Daily Goal page and not just a regular sheet.

Any suggestions about what to do?

Carol Cross

Are you familiar with document templates in general? It sounds like you might be editing them directly and moving them out—but the stuff in this folder marked with a blue ‘T’ are your templates, the things used as boilerplates to create items elsewhere. You change those, you change how these items are created in the future. You remove them, they no longer appear in the menus as options for creating new items.

At any rate, you should be able to create another “Daily Target” document from scratch easily enough. There was nothing special about it, just a plain old text file, besides setting a goal of 1,667 words for it.

Next time, when you want to use it, position your selection in the binder where you wish to create a new daily writing document, and then use the Project/New From Template/ sub-menu to select it.