Can't add comment

I’ve selected some text and trying to create a comment by clicking the + in the Comments & footnotes pane and nothing happens?

Are you in Scrivenings mode (viewing multiple text documents in the editor)? There’s a bug that’s preventing adding new inspector comments and footnotes while in that mode, which we’re working on fixing. It should be possible to add a note in other circumstances, though, so if that’s not the case, could you provide the steps to reproduce the bug? Does it only occur with certain text?

To make things worse, today at work using my work computer (yesterday working from home) and I could infact create comments and footnotes properly, een in scrivenings mode.

I will test again on monday, when I’ll be working from home once more.


Is your work computer running a beta? This bug was only introduced in the 1.5.3 release. But do please test on your other computer when you get a chance and let us know the steps for seeing this otherwise.

I can confirm that it is in fact the bug already known that I’ve found. I just didn’t understand the “scrivenings mode” correctly, but no I do and I get the same problems as you described. So, no worries about me finding something new and ugly… :stuck_out_tongue: