Can't add footnote

I’m going to modify this rather than posting a reply. It turns out to be a much smaller problem than I had realized.

If your selection is an insertion point, it appears that you can only enter a footnote on the first page of a document. However, if you select a character, word or more text, the issue goes away.

At least on my computer, if click to create an insertion point on the 2nd or subsequent page of a document, the +fn button is inactive. However, if I select a word, or if I use the arrow keys to move the insertion point to the 2nd or subsequent page, there is no problem. This is confusing, but not a major problem.

My original post is below


Hi. This appears to be a bug, but I’m posting here first in case it is user error (or general foncusion on my part).

I am on a chapter of a book, and I tried to enter a footnote, and I cannot do so (the +fn button is gray). Regardless of how I view the document (multiple panes, single pane, single document or Scrivenings), if I click on page 2 of what is shown on my screen, the foot-note button is gray. I can enter a footnote by clicking on page 1, and then using the arrow keys to move my insertion point to a location on page 3. Then the footnote button is black, and I can enter my footnote.

Thoughts, or should I report this on the bug-search forum?

I’ve moved this to the bug report forum, as you’re describing unexpected behaviour. A few contextual questions:

  • I assume, by your talk of pages, that you are using Page View for all of these tests, and that this problem never occurs in standard wrap-to-editor or fixed-width editor displays?
  • What operating system are you currently using? Check using the main Apple menu and selecting “About This Mac”.
  • Does the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-Cmd-8 work for you to add a footnote, regardless of the button state, or do you get system beep when you try?
  • Any other conditions, such as the use of Apple’s Full Screen feature, required?

Hi Ioa

I didn’t report all the details because I wasn’t sure if I was just confused somehow.

MacBook Pro (15" early 2011), Mac OS 10.9.4, 27" screen. Yes, only in Page View—regardless of whether in the left or right pane, or if single-page or double-page view. Normal window, not full screen (haven’t tested full screen). Only the +fn button on the info panel is grayed out, the menu item “Footnote cmd-ctrl-8” is active and functions correctly. And, as I said, this is only in the case of a simple insertion point—as soon as you have selected one or more characters, the +fn button in the info panel activates normally.

Thanks, this looks easy to reproduce. I’ve forwarded the details to Keith.

Thanks, I’ve fixed this for the next update.