Can't add New Text or New Folder - option grayed out

Okay, I know it’s probably me just being a total numpty, but I can’t add a New Text template. All the Add options (New Text and New Folder) have been grayed out, as have the Duplicate and Move To Trash options. It works fine on other projects, just not this one. hits head against laptop Heeeeelp.

If your focus is in the binder and the options are disabled, it sounds like you’re viewing a collection rather than the regular binder. Look for a little circled “X” in the binder footer and click that, or choose View > Collections > Binder–does that switch what you’re looking at there and make the “Add New” items available again? If not, a screenshot of what you’re seeing, what you have selected, and where the focus is when trying to add new should help discover the problem.