Can't add new texts/folders for 2nd part of ms

HI everyone. I have a quick question to ask. This is the first time I’m using the manuscript template with parts. In the past, I’ve used it without it. Since I’m starting part 2 today, I’m having problems adding new texts and folders to my manuscript. It wouldn’t let me. Any ideas on why this is happening? How do I add new text and folders? Please let me know, since I know there’s going to be future new parts to my ms, somewhere down the road.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but the way to add a folder to the Draft is to simply click on the previous part folder that you want to append to, and either press Cmd-Opt-N, or use Project/New Folder to do so. This will create a folder at the same level as the selected folder (though if you mess up and accidentally add it as a child folder of the first part, you can just click and drag it back to the right spot after you make it. Creating new scene files is even easier; you can just press the Return key where you want to put it.

If these tricks are not working, can you make files and folders elsewhere in the Binder? If you select the Research folder, does Cmd-Opt-N not work there?

HI Amber. I have no idea. It just wouldn’t let me add a new text or folder. I’ve tried so many things and didn’t get anywhere. I even used the icons on the bottom. I’ve tried it in the part folder and it’s not working either. I get a sound, when I tried it. I was able to try to make a new text in Research. Thanks. I would have to try that more often.

What happens if you make a quick test project using the Blank template, and try making new items there? If that doesn’t work either, you should perhaps try re-installing Scrivener. Just delete it from your Applications folder, download it again and install it.