Can't adjust card size on Corkboard


I’m not able to adjust the size of the index cards in Corkboard view. In Corkboard options it’s not possible to change the number for “cards across”. When I choose the number “1” for “cards acoss” nothing happens. In addition, when I uncheck “size to fit editor” and adjust the “Size” slider, abolutely nothing happens. I can turn the slider to the left side or turn it to the right side, but the size of my index cards are still the same.

Before I reinstalled my operating system, I was able to change the card’s size. But after reinstalling, it doesn’t work anymore. My operating system ist Windows 7 X64. What can I do?

Are you seeing this in all projects or just a particular one? If the latter, it may be that the settings file for the project got corrupted somehow, so we could try removing that and letting it recreate. To do this, close the project in Scrivener, then navigate to its .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and move the ui.ini file from the ProjectName.scriv\Settings folder, then re-open the project. This will lose all your other project-specific interface settings, so if this does allow you to resize corkboard cards, you’ll have to go through and reapply your other preferences (e.g. where label colour is used, what columns are shown in the outliner for each editor, etc.) You can save some of this before trashing the ui file by using View > Layouts > Manage Layouts to save some of the interface settings, then reload them later.

And of course if the problem persists after you’ve removed the ui.ini file, just close the project and put it back. A new file will have been created, but you can just overwrite it with the old one if all you did when the project was open was check on the corkboard settings.

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I actually wandered by the forums today to see if I could find out how to adjust the index card size at all. I don’t have a “size” slider on my Corkboard Options - I can only change the number of columns of cards. That part works fine, but when I select a lower number, it just shows fewer columns of cards, and empty corkboard to the right.

Thanks to this post, however, I tracked down the .ini file, and edited it to manually adjust the size of my index cards. It’s a clumsy fix, but it worked.

The card size slider is accessible from the options in the editor footer when in corkboard mode; it’s not under the View menu, which it sounds like you’re looking at. Make sure the editor footer is visible by selecting View > Layout > Show Footer View if necessary, then when the corkboard is loaded in the editor you should see an icon of four squares in the bottom right; click that to access the corkboard layout options.

Well, that just works a lot better! Thanks :slight_smile:

I have to hand it to you for being dedicated enough to track down and edit the .ini file, though! :slight_smile:

Thank you for this answer!! I’m new to Scrivener and that was making me nuts trying to figure out. :smiley:

Thank you for this, which would solve my problem, except that “Manage Layouts” has vanished from the View > Layouts > . I have a very specific setup, and don’t want to lose it all if remotely possible.

Any ideas?