Can't Bold Project Notes in Full screen

Not sure if this has been reported (or if I’m just missing something obvious) - did a quick search and didn’t see it.

I was just trying out Full Screen mode for the first time. I added a new entry into the Project Notes window, selected it and hit Ctrl+B to Bold it - nothing happened. Same with Italics or Underline.

I discovered if I have something selected in the editor pane and then add the project note - when attempt to change formatting, it changes in the editor and not the Project Notes, even though that was the most recent selection. It’s like the Editor pane keeps the focus or something.

Scriv 1.6.0

Thanks, we have a ticket for this. It looks like it’s keyboard shortcuts in general that are not working in the Project and Document notes area; for instance, the paste command Ctrl+V also does not work, but pastes into the editor instead. In that case however the action can be done via the context menu. Character formatting doesn’t have a context menu option, so it will need to be done in the main window for now.