Can't buy IOS version in CHINA App Store

Thanks for the amazing APP, I bought this app this afternoon, I find Scrivener could run on IOS device but when I search for the IOS version in Chinese App Store , I was warned that this app is not available in Chinese App Store.
I want to buy IOS version cause it could sync with Mac via Dropbox or iCloud, then I don’t have to bring my Mac all the time.

There are also other countries in the world where the iOS version is not available. There is a thread somewhere explaining why, but I seem to remember it is something to do with App Store policy, tax etc. and no doubt not something that Literature & Latte can do anything about. I presume you bought the Mac version direct from Literature & Latte, not through the Mac App Store, since I presume the same would hold there.


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As an expatriate in China, I don’t go through Chinese App Store; I can’t comment on why Scrivener might not be available on local App Store. I would mention that many vendors block purchases from China, citing security concerns (or perhaps pirating concerns). In some parts of China the Literatureandlatte store is also blocked by (probably) local censorship bureaucracy. But for me the biggest issue in using Scrivener here is the blocking of Dropbox: all Dropbox workflows are dependent on reliable VPNs, most of which are only intermittently accessible. So I am, for one, really interested in alternatives to Dropbox. I rely on Airdrop between Mac and IPads. I have had problems, probably due to my own confusion on syncing.