Can't change Document Notes font

I can’t change the font in Document notes. I go to Tools/Options/Appearance/General and choose Ariel. It comes up in the little box as Ariel but when I go back to the Document Notes it’s in Courier. Changing back and forth between documents doesn’t help, and whenever I go back to Tools/Options it says Ariel, but when I type it comes out as Courier.

This confused me for a while too. It turns out there’s two places where you adjust the font. Not sure what the “Appearance” tab does. But the one you want is Tools > Options > Editor, and then click on the light blue “A”. (That’s not very intuitive, at least not to me.)

Note that I still couldn’t get the cards to use the changed format for some time after changing it; I had to close the program, reopen it, create some more notes, and eventually it worked.

The default Document Notes font is set in Tools>Options… in the Appearance tab, but this only affects the notes of new documents, not previously created ones, since this is a rich text field and you can edit it anyway you like. To change existing text, just select it and use the format bar or Format>Fonts>Show Fonts (F4). You change the color, use bold, italic, etc.–pretty much everything you can do in the main editor.

The font set in the Editor tab of Tools>Options… is for the main text in the editor, and like the document notes font, this is just setting the default for new documents, not reformatting existing ones, though you can use the Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style command to bring older documents into line with the new defaults. I’m not sure if this was the confusion about the “cards”–index card font is set in the Appearance tab and is also unrelated to the main text formatting. The synopsis (which shows on index cards) isn’t rich text, so the font on these should change as soon as you hit apply, and it will affect all cards, new and old.