Can't change font size for text when compiling to PDF for Createspace


So I’ve managed to compile my novels into PDF for Createspace fine except for the font size of the actual text for the book.

The chapter headings, the sub-chapter headings - I’ve managed to make these bigger. However, despite me using the same process to change the text for the book, and the text in the formatting window changing size, when I hit compile, it doesn’t change it. My font is way too small in the paperback versions and I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

This is what I’m doing:

Compile>Formatting>Folder Level 1+>Font>Font Size (this works fine to change the font size for my Chapter heading and sub-chapter heading

Compile>Formatting>Level 1+ / Level 1>Font>Font Size (the selected font size shows up fine in the preview window but doesn’t actually change in the final compiled PDF

Can any Scrivener experts help?

In the Formatting pane in Compile, where you specify Title or Text etc for the different levels, make sure you have ticked the ‘Override text and notes formatting’ tick box.

It is ticked already :frowning:

… and ‘As is’ is not ticked in the contents pane?

Also you mentioned two categories of formatting being set up right, but there are three categories: folders, file groups and files. If you click on the thing you’re using to change the font size, do the pertinent sections with text light up in yellow in your binder?

No actually! Only when I click on folder, then my folders light up yellow in my binder. The folder was what I was able to change to the correct font size.

When I click on the file groups and files, nothing highlights in my binder.

That sounds like the problem then, you might need to scroll down in that upper list if you cannot see all of the level entries. Click on each one until you find the one that lights up your text documents. Note you can copy and paste settings between formatting rows here, so copy the one you’ve set up, then once you find the right row, paste the settings in.

I just found it!!! Thank you so much! This has been bugging me for so long! Now I just have to go and fix ALL of my paperbacks, lol. Thank you again Amber. Much appreciated.