Can't change label colours in the label pane

When I open the labels pane, to customise it

  • I can add and delete labels
  • I can edit their names
  • I can’t change the colours of the labels.

The window, and the manual, say I should double click the coloured disk associated with each label name, to edit it. But it doesn’t work: double clicking the disk has no effect whatsoever. I open the label pane from the tools widget on the bottom left of the screen, under the binder.

What am I doing wrong?



Scrivener 3.1.2. / OS/X 10.14.3 / Mac mini 2018 3.2 GHz and 32GB RAM

Did you find a resolution to your problem?

Double-clicking on an existing color disc should open up the Colors palette so you can adjust the color. I have not been able to make this fail.

I mean, if the color palette is already open for some reason, nothing will seem to happen – except focus will switch to that palette. That is all I could think of that I can duplicate and might fit your description.