Can't Change one of my panes

I’ve been working on a book for weeks with a vertical split. Primarily, I keep the document I’m writing on the left and the outline on the right. If I add a reference, I switch the right to bibliography, if I’m trying to remember something from another chapter, I pull that chapter up on the right, etc. It’s been a great way of working.

All of a sudden, the right panel refuses to move. No matter which document has focus (as indicated by the highlighted title bar) when I select a different document, the new document shows up on the left. I cannot get the right side to switch anymore.

I’ve tried rebooting. I’ve tried switching to no split and then back, to horizontal split (in which case, now the bottom refuses to change documents). This is driving me crazy. And as I said, it was fine for weeks and I loved the way the split helped me write.

Please help.

Try checking this setting:

You should probably go for “Current editor”.

OMG you have saved me! Thank you.

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