Can't change text colour in full screen mode

As topic title suggests, I can’t change the text colour in full screen mode. I know how to do it: Options > Appearance > Full screen > Text then change the colour of the box. Thing is, when I choose yellow for example, the cursor flashes yellow but the text remains black. Any ideas? Cheers

Which version of Windows? Scrivener 1.9.7 or Scrivener (the Beta of Scrivener 3!)?


It’s Windows 10 and Scrivener version

Just for kicks, while in full screen mode, select your text > right click > select Font color (might be text color) > select Remove color.

See if that fixes it for you. I find that 1.9.7 text color is sometimes wonky, particularly when I’m sharing the project with iOS Scriv.

Jim, you genius, you did it! Now I can have ALL the colours. :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot for your help.

Good deal, glad it worked!