Can't change text colour in fullscreen mode

Using 0.2.9 and Can’t change text colour in fullscreen mode. This had previously been working.

Could you provide the steps you’re using and what result you’re getting? (Does nothing change or do you get an error message, etc.) Going into Tools>Options… and changing the text color under Full Screen in the Appearance tab is working for me to change the default text color, so if you could explain in a little more detail how I can replicate the issue you’re seeing that would help track this down. Thanks!

Steps are tools -> options -> appearance -> expand fullscreen -> text -> double click swatch of colour -> change colour -> ok -> apply -> ok -> click on enter fullscreen icon — text is black. BTW I have a black page so it’s black on black.

Ohh, I see. Try selecting your text in that document and then right-clicking to get the context menu; select “Text Color” and then “Remove Color”. It sounds like your text is specifically colored black (rather than just being displayed as black by the editor default) and so that is overriding the full screen default display color. This happens often if you’ve brought over some text from a Mac, which typically colors text black, or if you’ve copied or imported text from other programs.