Can't change text colour?


Just started to use this programme last week and am seriously impressed.

One thing I have noticed though, is that when trying to change the text colour in full screen mode (would like green on black), nothing happens other than the cursor changing colour (i.e. end up with a completely black screen where the only visible thing is a green cursor - no matter what I do the text colour stays black).

Any advice as I could not find any other posters reporting this problem?

Cheers - T

PS - Just checked and the same actually applies to the text colour in the normal editor - cursor changes colour, but text stays black.

Did you import or copy in the text from elsewhere? It sounds like your text is actually colored black, so changing the options for display in the Appearance preferences isn’t changing it. Try selecting the text and choosing Format>Font>Text Color>Remove Color (also available if you click the Text Color button in the format bar). Does that remove the black and let your default color show?

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you very much for your reply.
None of the text was imported/copied. Having said this, the below did solve the problem for that section, but not for any others (or indeed any new projects), despite being changed in and saved in options.
Eventually figured out this morning that I must have changed my default settings to display text as ‘black’. :blush: Seems to be working now . Maybe I should stick to pencils :wink:

Thanks again for your help.

Best wishes - T