Can't change title of my manuscript

When I compile my project there is always the wrong title of the manuscipt in the header of all pages. This was a working title that I once set and I would like to change it, but I can’t remember how to do it.

I couldn’t find the setting for the title, neither in the general setting, nor in the project setting or in the compile window. I’ve searched all menus in Scrivener 3 but can’t find this settings. I change the settings

Did you look under the tag icon in the right hand pane of the main Compile screen?


Okay, problem solved: I use a custom template that I downloaded form the internet for my manuscript. And in this template I have typed the old, wrong title into the “Page settings” section. There are really a lot of settings ins Scrivener :wink:

Yes, I did, but the custom template did not use this settings, that’s why I was so confused.

That’s what I would have asked about next. Glad you were able to resolve it.

And this is one reason why the Placeholder tags exist. Placeholders are especially useful in templates, which by definition are likely to be used for multiple manuscripts.