Can't Choose Automatic Backup Folder

I just updated my mac software and when I opened Scrivener it no longer automatically backed up my project. I went into the preferences and there was no folder chosen for automatic backups. Everytime I try to choose a folder I get the message that the file could not be used - I have tried many different files/folders. None work. Help?

That’s very odd. Have you tried trashing your current copy of Scrivener and downloading another copy to install?

Good luck!

And if that doesn’t work, trashing your preference file might be a good course of action, since this would be a function of settings. If the file is damaged, it could explain an oddity like this. There is a help file on resetting preferences safely, if you need it.

I’m having the same problem. Can anyone tell me if uninstalling and then reinstalling fixed the issue?

I have the same issue. Thanks AmberV for advice, but unfortunately trashing preference files does not work.
In my environment(mac OS Sierra 10.12.2), uninstalling and reinstalling from App Store does not work either. :frowning:

At what point is the error message produced? When the dialogue box is opened to choose a folder or after selecting one? You could try searching the ’net for the message text in the error itself. Since that dialogue box is Apple’s sandboxing front-end, if it’s not letting you pick the folder you want, it may be other people have come across the problem in a variety of other programs also using sandboxing (anything from the MAS).

And if any console messages are appearing when choosing the folder, that may help as well. Often searching for console error messages can you lead you to a thread or two with some advice.

At what point is the error message produced? When the dialogue box is opened to choose a folder or after selecting one?
After selecting one. I was reproducing this issue but somehow it works fine today. I can select a backup folder and I have no idea what was the trigger of this change… just a manual reboot solved it?

Just in a case, I am leaving a memo about when I came across this issue.
I started Scrivener and a dialog “Enable automatic back up of Scrivener projects?” opened. Then I clicked “Choose Backup Folder” and selected one in Finder. A dialog opened saying “The file couldn’t be opened”. Also in Preference of Scrivener, “Backup location” was blank.
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 21.45.18.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 21.45.29.png

A reboot is a sadly much more common basic troubleshooting step on Macs these days. Given how much added complexity sandboxing adds to every file management operation—when you request a file dialogue it has to go through a very complicated infrastructure of authorisation and application credential checks, it doesn’t surprise me that it can get jammed up and need a reboot.

Glad it’s working again at any rate!