Can't Clear Document Target [FIXED]

If you set a target for a document, you can’t then clear it out, either by putting in blank or zero. It will keep the last target set. Steps.

  1. Create document
  2. Click on Document Target in lower right
  3. Set Target, say to 1000 words
  4. Click on Target again and try to blank out 1000.
    Still set to 1000
    Cleared target so no percentage shows up.

I stumbled on this by following Tutorial in the Footer view. After the yellow box, there is this line:

“Now try changing the percentage in the popup-button at the bottom, too (click on it and select a new percentagen)—you will see that you can make the text bigger or smaller; useful for tired eyes.”

I didn’t see a popup button or % at bottom. Should this be in orange?