CAn't click Formatting Bar in Yosemite

So I decided to go full-steam ahead and I threw OS X 10.10, Yosemite, on my MacBook Air. It’s running fine, except for a few glitches, mostly in third party software. And, sadly, one of those is in Scrivener.

Since upgrading to OS X 10.10, I cannot click on anything in the formatting bar. So I can’t change font, alignment, line spacing, anything up there. This applies both to my current projects, and new projects. When I opened the project file on a computer still in 10.9, I could click on all those things.

Part of the charm of running beta software, I suppose. In the project I’m writing now, this is something I can work around, but this could be a big deal down the road. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Scrivener has not been updated to run smoothly on Yosemite, and will not be until the Autumn, just prior to Yosemite’s release. I would strongly recommend not running Yosemite as your main OS until the golden master builds (just as Apple recommends never running a beta OS as your main OS). There are plenty of bugs in Yosemite at the moment that Apple need to smooth out, and we won’t actively support Yosemite until it is released. There are several known bugs in Scrivener on Yosemite that will be fixed, but it won’t be a smooth ride if you use Scrivener on 10.10 before the Autumn.

That said, there are no known bugs with the formatting bar (aside from the UI issue of it being completely the wrong colour because of the toolbar colour changes in Yosemite), and all buttons are working fine for me and the rest of the team who have been testing on Yosemite. I recommend uninstalling Scrivener and reinstalling, but this could equally be an OS glitch at this early stage…

Been using Yosemite beta with Scrivener since Saturday (26 July 2014) and I haven’t had any issues with the formatting bar.

2008 iMac with 4GB of RAM
Installed Yosemite over Mavericks (not a clean install)
Scrivener 2.5 (25239) downloaded from L&L (not from the Apple App Store)

Assuming you’re not the same person I’ve been speaking to via email today, we’ve had another user report an issue with the formatting bar. However, I think it’s a red herring - an exception (error) seems to be getting thrown during typing, and when an exception gets thrown, parts of the UI can become unresponsive. So I think that the most likely explanation is that this isn’t a bug with the formatting bar, but a bug that is getting triggered during typing.

The error for the other user has been triggered while typing in scrivenings mode. I have not been able to reproduce the problem as yet, however. Therefore I’d be grateful for much information as you can provide - quit Scrivener, relaunch and see if you can trigger the bug again. Also, please open and see if any errors pertaining to Scrivener have been reported there.

Thanks and all the best,

Just an FYI, have tried screenings mode but not seen the problem on my iMac.

Have also found the formatting bar unclickable in Yosemite, but only when I’m working in Full Screen. It doesn’t seem to be affected by whether or not I’m typing – I’ve tried activating Full Screen immediately on opening Scrivener just to check this, and it’s still non-responsive. Working in a standard window (i.e., not fullscreen), everything on the bar clicks just fine.

Also not finding any problems with clickability for any of the options in Composition mode, but obviously there’s no formatting bar there so that might be irrelevant…

Thanks for the extra information - I hadn’t tested it in full screen, so I’ll look at that.

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On my iMac, the formatting bar is unresponsive in fullscreen mode…though the format menu still works in that mode.

Yep, confirmed. In 2.5 the formatting bar is unresponsive in full screen mode. Not sure why, as a newer build of the software I have doesn’t have the problem. I’ve added it to the list to fix for 10.10’s release.

In such circumstances, is it possible for the problem to be fixed by changes Apple makes to the next iteration of Yosemite, without L&L needing to code a fix in Scrivener? Just curious. Must be hard for app devs to know where to put the goalposts when the OS developer keeps changing the size and position of the pitch itself.

Actually, this one’s a weird one. If I build Scrivener 2.5 on Yosemite, there is no problem - with exactly the same code. The problem seems only to arise when Scrivener is built on Mountain Lion and run on Yosemite. But if I even open my main Xcode project (I tested this on a copy) on anything later than Mountain Lion, all of the hundreds of UI files are converted to Xcode’s new format so that the app will not run on some earlier systems we still have to support.

Yeah, I can confirm that it’s in full screen mode for me too. When I take Scrivener out of full screen mode, the formatting bar becomes fully clickable again. (On edit: It becomes unclickable again when I put it back in full screen mode.)

Oh well, jumping out of full screen to make whatever changes I need to make then going back in to get back to work isn’t such a big deal for now.

You can use the main menu or context menu to format the text while in Full Screen.