Can't compile at all

Using a new laptop, and everything looks fine (have my project files in dropbox), but I’ve discovered that on the new PC I cannot compile to .epub or .mobi. There’s no error messages or anything, and .doc and .pdf compile just fine, but when I select to compile to those ebook formats it’ll just quickly run through the compiling dialog and return to the compile pop-up menu without actually doing anything.

edit: Upon investigation it appears that my .pdf and .doc compiles result in empty files.

First check is just that your items you want to compile are actually subdocuments of the Draft folder (might be renamed Manuscript if you started from the Novel template) and that they are all ticked for inclusion in compile if you click the blue arrow to expand the Compile window and look in the “Contents” pane. If that all looks right, check that the “Text” column is selected for the relevant file types in the “Formatting” pane of compile.

The files compiled just fine before switching computers. I’m not sure why it’s unable now.

Do other projects compile correctly on this computer, or are you seeing this even in newly created projects? What version of Windows are you running and what version of Scrivener (Help > About Scrivener)?

WIndows 7; new files seem to compile fine. Scrivener gives its version as 1.01 even after updating.

Edit: Went ahead and “activated” Scrivener with my serial (forgot to earlier). It’ll update to 1.2.5, but it still won’t compile. .doc and .pdf result in 2kb empty files, while .epubs and .mobis don’t even give me that much.

Further experimentation shows that it’s just one scrivener file that has the issue, where before it did not. This problem persists on the computer I use Vista on as well.