Can't Compile for EBook or Kindle

Every time I try to compile my project for a Kindle (.mobi) or ebook (.epub) I get the following error. Looks like you guys have some debugging to do. I have the latest version of Scrivener Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021. Even if I do manage to create an .epub (can’t create a .mobi at all) I cannot open it in Kindle Previewer. It says the format is unrecognizable. Oh, and I am using your default EBook settings. I didn’t change anything. This is a project I created when Scrivener 3 for Windows was in Beta mode. I was actually able to compile and have a .mobi file from back then. Now, I can’t.


I’m assuming that when you say you get this error message when compiling an ePub file, that this was a mistype, because this is a kindlegen error.

Even if I do manage to create an .epub (can’t create a .mobi at all) I cannot open it in Kindle Previewer.

So first of all I would update Kindle Previewer, as it sounds like you have a pretty old version. The most up to date version should in fact throw a warning when you try to load a .mobi file in it it, and will encourage you to use .epub files instead.

If you’re publishing through the KDP and that is the intention of generating a .mobi file, then it may not even matter if you continue getting an error, as they want .epub files now.

At the same time though, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to debug why you’re getting a KindleGen error in an old version of the software.

I posted the error for Kindle, but if you will notice I said epub or mobi. I get the same error for both and it happens while attempting to compile in Scrivener. As a fellow programmer, I would think you would want to know about the bug. It is Scrivener that is having the problem, not Kindle Previewer. And I have the latest Kindle Previewer 3.60. I would think you would want your product to work? I guess I will go back to using Vellum to format since I am not getting any help here.

The text of the error in your first post says that it’s a KindleGen error.

Compiling for ePub does not use KindleGen, so if compiling for ePub also fails, it would report a different error, the text of which you have not yet shared with us.

For anyone who wants to know, in case they run into the same problem. I had two versions of Kindle Previewer installed on my computer. I had the latest version 3.60, but I also had an older version 2.9. I uninstalled the version 2.9 and the errors in Scrivener went away and now both (.mobi and .epub) compile without complaining. It seems like Scrivener was grabbing the oldest version of Kindle Previewer first. I don’t know why it was generating the error, and I know what you are saying, but these are the actual results. I just wanted to post this here in case anyone else has a similar issue.

So it was a User Error.