Can't compile, just get a percussive sound when hitting the Compile button

I thought it might be that I messed up a compile preset formatting but none of the default compile formats work either.

I’m guessing it’s a setting that’s preventing it but I’m not getting any error message or anything apprising me of what the problem is. I don’t see anything relevant in console.log either.

I’m using v3.2.3 on Big Sur.

We could try a Zoom session.

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Sorry - I meant Monterey, not Big Sur.

No suggestions for settings to look at?

The error is when you try to actually Compile, not when you open the File → Compile window?

Make sure you haven’t accidentally created “empty” Compile contents, for instance by choosing only selected files, then not selecting anything.

Is there no error message for that?

I was not getting an error message. But compile is working normally after rebooting :man_shrugging:t4:

I was asking @kewms.

I had plenty of files chosen, and almost all were selected to be compiled. It’s weird, it resolved itself after rebooting.