Can't compile the manuscript I want

I just started using Scrivener last week. I have a manuscript that I want to compile into a pdf, just to practice this process, and show my wife my current draft.

But when I try to compile, I am only given the option to compile several of my blog articles, and not my book manuscript.

I can’t see what I’m doing wrong. But, when I copied/pasted text from Google Docs into my Scrivener files, the text appeared in Scrivener as hyperlinked text. It was strange.

I removed all the hyperlinks, and I don’t think I have any photos or anything else besides text. Honestly, I can’t figure out why these book chapters aren’t showing up when I try to compile them.

Note: I just realized that the files will appear and can be compiled when they are under the “This Month’s Posts” folder. No other folder/files can be compiled. (I attached a screenshot of the files.)

Since I’m using a Scrivener template from someone else, it’s possible that programmed the template this way.

But if you have another idea, let me know.

Thanks : )


In the top toolbar, go to Help>Scrivener Manual>Chapter 23 for help on compiling.

Your template has scrambled the nomenclature a bit by adding a ‘Drafts’ folder. Using an original template, the only folder that can be compiled is the ‘Draft’ folder- sometimes called ‘Manuscript’. In your template, that has been re-named to ‘This Month’s Posts’. You have to move anything that you want compiled into that folder. (You can re-name it anything you want, but notice that you can’t delete it.) That’s the standard setup for Scrivener, compiling only that one special folder, and cannot be changed.

Dunno about the imported hyperlinks, I always run text through Notepad first if I want to strip out formatting. There may be an ‘import without formatting’ selection somewhere in the menus.

Dear tomwood,
I never said thanks for your help. Thank you!