Can't compile to Word/Pages

Scrivener suddenly isn’t offering me an option to compile to Word. When I hit compile I just get the option to print or compile to PDF. What’s happened? I need to send a copy of my ms in Word format and I can’t do it!

Any thoughts?



Assuming you’re running version 3 for Mac (some may still be running one of the version 2 releases, and that makes a difference).

What compile preset are you using?
Did you create a custom version of it?

Solved it! Somehow one of my settings had been changed! Not sure if this is also what’s causing all my documents to open with highlight as the default…will have to do a bit of checking.

I’m having the sase issue. What setting was changed?



Oh J I’m sorry, I’m not sure which! I went through all my preferences and I know something had changed it to not saving to Word, but now it does and I can’t find where the other was! I wish I could help. I should’ve written it down for the future. But it’s definitely somewhere in the preferences.

Sorry not to be more help.