Can't Compile

I have a Scrivener project which consists of twenty five files which appear in the Binder.
Under “Research” there are probably another twenty five imported web pages, documents. No audio or video files.
Highlight the word/file/parent “Draft” at the top of the Binder.
File=>Compile the Compile Dialog comes up.
Highlight Contents
All Options
Format as Original

None of the twenty five documents appear. Compile is set to all.
(here is a picture:

If I highlight a single document in the binder and repeat the process and change from “Draft” to “Current Selection” that one file appears in the dialog and can be compiled.

Is there a solution or work-around?

If I check project statistics, the dialog reports no documents and zero words. This is strange because there are probably 20,000 words total. If I limit the project statistics to a particular document, the project statistics reports the information correctly.

You need to show a screenshot of the whole project window so we can see the Binder as well.

you Draft is empty. All your documents are on the same level as the Draft and are thus perceived as Research to Scrivener. You have to select them all and move them into the Draft folder so they end up one step to the right and disappear when you tap the small arrow to collapse Draft

That fixed the problem, thank you.