Can't control line spacing when compiling for ebook


I’ve been composing in Scrivener for several years, and am using it to compile my second ebook for Kindle. I decided to try fancying up the chapter titles this time, and followed the instructions on Garrett Robinson’s blog. ( Everything seemed to work like it should, EXCEPT the line spacing in the body text. The actual text is formatted to 1.2, but for some reason it consistently compiles at 1.0, which I personally find a little too close together for easy reading.

I made certain the Compile > Formatting > “Override text and note formatting” is UNCHECKED for all levels. (I even deliberately tried it CHECKED, to see if it made any difference, but the body text stubbornly remained 1.0) I tweaked every Option setting I could think of, but 1.0 spacing never changed.

Does anyone have an idea what I’m overlooking? Any advice on how to sort this out would be very welcome.



Sorry for the frustration. That particular setting is not configured by the e-book, and is intentionally stripped out of the source files by Scrivener. Leading is handled by the individual reader device or application that is displaying the e-book, usually in the same area where you set up fonts and screen margins.

Thanks! You saved me from continuing to beat my head against an immovable object. I just assumed since I was able to successfully control font size, indent, and paragraph before/after spacing in Compile, that line spacing would be controllable, too.

Why does Scrivener put the line spacing option in Compile if it’s just going to strip it right back out? Kind of raises false hopes.

Very good to know, as it will assuredly save me many more hours of work. Thank you again!


I’m not the developer, but I would imagine the answer to that is it would be way too difficult to remove just one thing like that. Scrivener does overall try to remain contextual when it can be. Every single compile pane reacts adaptively to the formats you choose, for instance; different checkboxes, etc.