Can't copy and paste text from LibreOffice Writer

This is a bit of a bizarre problem.

I have always worked back and forth across my Scrivener project and an open Writer document. Since I installed the latest version of the Scrivener Windows Beta I am unable to copy text from Writer and paste it into Scrivener. I hit Ctrl+V and the cursor shifts down a few lines (or a lot if I’m pasting a lot of text) but no text actually appears. I can get around this by copying text from Writer into Notepad to remove the formatting and then copying from Notepad into Scrivener but this is a rather time-consuming work-around.

Any ideas about how to fix this?

I just realized that if I right-click and select ‘paste and match style’ this works. This is still more time consuming than using short-cut keys. Is this a bug in the current version?

Is the text you’re pasting colored (white)? What sort of special formatting or special characters does it have?

You can get around it for now by using Paste and Match Style; that strips the formatting just like when you paste into Notepad, so it’ll be much faster; Ctrl+Shift+V is the default shortcut. But I’d like to figure out what’s causing the problem in the first place, if you have a couple minutes to play around with it. Does this happen with any text copied from LibreOffice? E.g. if you create a blank document and just type “This is a test.” and then copy that and paste it into Scrivener, does it work? If it’s only happening with a specific document, any chance you could send that as an attachment to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can test this out?

The text I’m using isn’t white. But for some reason I can copy and paste when copying from a new file. I guess there’s something wrong with the file I’m using? Very strange. I will send the file to you as an attachment.

Thanks for the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut. Much quicker.

Might be some other special (hidden) formatting that’s causing Scrivener to hiccup with it. I’ll take a look and see if we can figure it out.

PaMS is a great shortcut to know!

Oh, one other thought–on one of the documents where you paste and nothing appears in the editor, if you use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style, does anything happen (ie, does the text magically appear?) Also when you paste, does the wordcount in the editor footer go up, or is it still what it was prior to the paste?

Wordcount doesn’t increase when I paste. There is no difference when I go to default text style.

Just tried with 035 and version 3.3.1 of Libre Office, and it worked fine (both ctrl-V and "paste and match style.)

I did have a strange crash moving the document to trash, though. It got “stuck” when I tried to move it to the trash, and Scrivener crashed. I haven’t been able to reproduce it though.

The issue appears to be with specific text in the document; still trying to figure out what particularly is causing the hang-up. The Trash problem is probably unrelated, but let me know if you see it again. When you say it got “stuck”, you mean that you tried to drag it to Trash and it wouldn’t go and then the program crashed? Or it didn’t respond to the keyboard shortcut? I haven’t seen anything like this in the past several betas so any details you’ve got if you get this again would be great.