Can't create Audio Note - mac

I’m trying to create Audio Notes in Scrivener Mac 2.4.1. When I attempt to save the note, I get the following msg:

“Audio notes cannot be created in the Draft or Trash folders - please select the location at which you would like the audio note to be created in the binder, corkboard or outliner and try again.”

The issue is that I am not in the Draft or Trash folders. I’m in the main body of my document. I’ve attempted to save audio notes all over the document, and I get the same error msg.

Any ideas?

Make sure the selection in the binder is somewhere outside of the Research or Draft folders. I’m not sure what you mean by the main body of your document, but that sounds like the focus is inside the text view. It all depends on what is selected in the binder.

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I tried that, but I still get the same msg. For example, in the binder, I have a chapter called Work Packages. I click on Work Packages (in the binder), and attempt to record the Audio Note. I click Record, speak, and click Save. Then I get the same error msg.

Can you please post a screenshot, including the selection in the binder?

Here’s a screenshot of the error.

I need a screenshot of the whole window, really, but you can just tell me: in that screenshot, where is “Wave-front (Perform…”) located? You’re saying that’s definitely not inside the Draft folder?

Sorry about the screen shot. That section is located in the main body of the manuscript. Not in the Draft or Trash folders. I’ll post another example.

Another example that shows the folder structure.

The screenshot shows that it is in the Draft folder. The “Manuscript” folder is the Draft folder. That’s why you can’t create the audio note there.

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OK - thanks. I’ll put them someplace else.

No problem. And just to clarify, the generic names for the top-level special folders are “Draft”, “Research” and “Trash”, but they can be renamed, and the Draft folder is renamed to something more specific in some of the templates (such as the novel template, where it is “Manuscript”). The Draft folder is special because it can only contain text files (since it is intended that the Draft folder is what gets compiled).

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