Can't Create Backup--Please Help

For one of my projects–the one with a lot of images–I get this error message when doing the backup-on-close (or any backup at all):

There’s plenty of disk space, and the other projects have no problems.

It only fails if I choose to backup as a zip file.

Any idea why that’s happening?



Does the folder exist that Scrivener is trying to backup to? I’m pretty sure if it was deleted for some reason, Scrivener won’t re-create it, and you get that error. At least, the error looks familiar and I think that’s what happened to me.

It’s fairly likely that C:\temp exists, but who knows?

No, the folder exists, and I’ve tried it with others.

Also, this works with other Scriv projects. I’ve concluded that there’s a bug that prevents Scriv from zipping up projects with many images in them. I will just work around it by not choosing the zip option when working with this project.

How big is the project? It’s possible that the sheer size of it is choking the ZIP engine.


Yes, I’m sure that’s what’s going on. The MyProject.scriv folder is 152 Megs in size.

Of course, the zip engine should be able to handle it, and if not the error message should be helpful (this project is too big to be zipped up. Please uncheck the “Backup as ZIP file” option.)