Can't Create Backup

Any idea why I get this error:

I’ve tried several locations. Other scriv projects backup okay. This file has many images in it.



Low memory? Try right-clicking the project file in Windows explorer and sending it to a zip from there.

No, I have tons of memory.

One of the best features of Scrivener is the two-click backup (one-click would be even better). So, sure I could find other ways of zipping and storing it, but there is a definite bug in Scrivener that is causing this crash.

It fails in exactly the same place each time (51%).

I wasn’t intending to suggest the right-click zip method as a forever alternative, but as a way to ensure that the zip process works through that method and to give you a backup while finding the problem causing the failure from within Scrivener.

Since the last successful backup from within the program, have you imported new files (PDFs, images, webpages)?

You’ve probably checked this already, but I’ve seen that or a similar error when the backup path isn’t available.

It happened a lot when I was switching computers and using a preferences file from an older machine with a different path structure.

It seems to start the zip process, but then when it tries to write to a non-existent path, it has issues.

Bumping this topic.

I had the same issue as the topic starter. I have the latest Scrivener version (Windows 7 x64). Some observations:

  • the backup folder does exist
  • this error happens even when I select a totally different backup folder in the Tools|Options dialog
  • this error only happens when I select “compress automatic backups as zip files (slower)” in the Tools|Options dialog
  • this error also happens when I choose a manual backup (File|Backup|Backup to… or File|Backup|Backup now), but again, only when i choose compressed backup mode

Quite interesting, the error message denotes the folder name with forward slashes instead of backward slashes, used in Windows OS (contrary to Unix OSes).

Shouldn’t that be D:\Backup\Scrivener\Project ?