Can't delete document

Dear All,

I’ve got a shared folder, that lives directly in dropbox, with a friend and the other day she tried to delete a document, which orginally was a folder and it doesn’t work.
I tried too and I can’t delete it either.

I don’t get the option to move it to trash in the right-click menu, it’s greyed out, as is the convert to (folder/file) option.
The document icon looks different too, I’ve never seen it before (and didn’t find it in the manual either). I’ll try to attach the screen shot for the icon, but since it’s tiny, I’m not sure one can see the difference well.

Plus when I click on the document I get “not enough text items” in the editor, but there aren’t any files for the folder anymore (I checked via corkboard and outline view).

I tried moving it to trash via right-click and the “move to” option and just rearranging it to trash, with no luck too.

I would just keep using it, since renaming is possible, if I could convert it, but since that isn’t the case, I can’t use it as a normal file.

Does anybody have an idea how to delete that document?

icon Scrivener.JPG
not enough text items.JPG

That one is not possible to delete. It is a dedicated feature of the program, the Draft folder, where you are meant to put all of the pieces of text that will be combined together into a single document when you compile. You’ll find more information on these special folders in the user manual, starting at the bottom of pg. 59, §8.1.1, The Three Root Folders.

As for the message, that just means the Draft is empty and you are trying to view it in Scrivenings mode. Try putting a few files into it.

Dear Amber,

thank you so much. I don’t have a clue, how that got renamed that I thought it was a normal folder and why all the files that normally were in it, got arranged to outside of the draft folder. Have changed that now and will talk with my friend to let her know what the problem was.

Thanks again! Happy Sunday :slight_smile: