Can't delete massive white spaces formatting issue

Hi. so for some reason, the formatting sometimes changes and makes my paragraphs smaller, and I cant resize them again, at the same time, this problem causes enormous white space page areas between the text which do not delete. occasionally, I am able to delete the space and then the remainder properly formatted text, goes out of sync as well. screenshot attached as hard to explain.

A few ideas to try:

  1. “Show Invisibles” to see the invisible characters. See if the white space is a bunch of new lines or paragraph end marker. If so, then can remove what you don’t want.

  2. put cursor in each paragraph and check Menu: 'format/Paragraph/Line and Paragraph Spacing" to see if you set extra line and/or paragraph settings.

  3. In case some sort of corruption or OSX bug, cut (or copy of you play it very safe) the offending paragraphs one at at time, and then “Menu:Edit/Paste Match Style” back into this document, or a new one.

Hey! Thanks for this. I tried the “show invisible” and it showed the white space i cant delete as an outlined box but it would not let me delete it. For formatting, everything looked normal when I checked the menu. In the image you can just about see the box above the white space where the text is shorter than the box below – this is how it resized it, and i still cant resize it back to normal ;-(

If those boxes are actually there (and not just drawn onto the screenshot image by you), then it looks like your text is in some kind of one-cell table, and the empty box is its own one-cell table.

To fix this, I’d do the following:

Select all text from that document in Scrivener, and copy it.

Open TextEdit, and paste in the copied text from Scrivener. Then go to the Text Edit menu “Format->Make Plain Text”. Once converted to plain text, you should be rid of the tables. Review your words, and make sure there isn’t anything funny looking interspersed among the words and paragraphs.

Back in Scrivener, make a snapshot of your document. Then select all of its text and delete everything. Make sure there isn’t anything odd left behind (show invisibles should still be on at this stage).

Then copy all of that plain text from Text Edit and paste it back into your Scrivener document.

You’ll be able to use the snapshot’s compare tool to make sure you didn’t lose anything important, while hopefully fixing this oddball issue.

To simplify Robert’s steps a little, you could

  1. Use Documents > Snapshots > Take Snapshot to preserve a copy of the current text.
  2. Select all (Cmd-A) in the editor and copy (Cmd-C)
  3. Delete the text
  4. Change the editor view, e.g. load another document or switch to corkboard
  5. Reload the original (empty) document in text view
  6. Use Edit > Paste and Match Style (Opt-Cmd-Shift-V) to paste as plain text

The purpose of steps 4 & 5 are to fully clear any lingering formatting in the editor before pasting as plain text, something you’d want to do even if you convert to plain text elsewhere, because if the initial paragraph was a table, pasting as plain text will pick up that table formatting. Switching the editor view will clear that remaining formatting (since there is no text for it to attach to) so that when you paste, you’ll just be using the project’s default formatting.

The main issue here is that you’ll lose any rich-text formatting–italic, bold, hyperlinks, any unique paragraph formatting, etc. All of that will need to be redone by a manual comparison with the snapshot (the comparison tool that is part of snapshots will only note textual changes, not formatting changes).

Alternatively, you can preserve all the formatting you have now and just remove the tables from each section. With invisibles shown, click into the first paragraph with the border, right-click, and choose Table > Remove Table from the context menu. Repeat that for every table in the document. (The command is also available via Format > Table > Remove Table if you want to assign it a shortcut.)

Adding to @rdale’s observation, is every paragraph in your document, even above and below the white space, inside a table cell? Probably not intended, but if so suggest you resolve.