can't delete placeholder cover

I’m on OSX.8.2 and am trying to compile an ebook in epub format. The directions tell me to delete the placeholder cover but “delete” in the edit menu is greyed out & the delete button on the keyboard doesn’t work either.

I dragged the placeholder cover to the trash but the compile function chooses it & not the cover I’ve imported. Doesn’t even give me the option to choose my own cover.

Can someone help?


If it’s in the Trash already, then you can’t delete it since it’s already been deleted - to eradicate it completely, you’ll need to empty the trash (from the Project menu). You do get the option to choose your own cover, though - it’s in the Compile panel, in the “Cover” pane. (You will need to import the image into the project to be able to choose it, and you must import it as an image file and not drag it as an image into a text file.)

KB, thank you! But just to be clear, dragging the placeholder cover to the trash equals deleting it?

Essentially, yes. “Deleting” a document in Scrivener just moves it to the Trash. Scrivener never truly deletes anything (as in gone forever) until you empty the trash (much like the Finder and iPhoto). That way, you can’t accidentally destroy anything without conscious consideration.

Thank you for the clarification! The word “delete” in the Compile direx led me to think I’d need to use either the delete button or the “delete” item in the menu; hence my confusion. I greatly appreciate the safeguard against accidental destruction!