Can't delete project, can't close projects

I have several empty projects I’d like to delete from my open screen. How can I do that?
Also, even when I close a project before exiting Scrivener, the next time I open Scrivener that same project is open in the same place. An old project I haven’t worked on in ages always pops up as soon as I open Scrivener. How do I shut that down so I don’t see it unless I specifically open it?

Go to Tools-Options->General and un-tick the “Reopen projects that were open on quit” to make Scrivener start without reopening the last project you had open. It will then default to showing you the project templates picker window.

To delete projects permanently, you must locate where the .scriv folder for that project is on your hard drive and delete that folder.

If you just want old projects to not show up in the File->Recent menu, or in the “new project” window’s “Open Recent” drop-downs, then you should re-visit the Tools-Options->General pane and reduce the “Number of recent Projects” to a number that is equal to your current set of active projects.

Thanks very much. Just what I needed.