Can't determine version

Your support person was so helpful, retrieving a file for me. But the problem has happened again. I very carefully installed exactly the same version on my laptop and desktop computers, but when I try to open latest file I created on one of the computers on the other, I get an error message.

Scrivener thinks the other version may be Gold - it’s not. It asks if I want to update the file. I can’t because I know this will erase the latest chapter I wrote.

What’s going on folks? Scrivener has been great up until now. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t have the desktop connected to the internet when I updated. Could it be your new online registration system that’s causing the problem - I have password and registration code on both versions. Only difference is I registered online with the laptop and not with the desktop version. I assumed having the same code would work whether I was online or not.