Can't do that on Apples Finder!

Just the most amazing and best software program I have ever come across… or maybe it’s just making me very happy.

Let me tell you of a feature that I may not have read in your literature -

Scrivener lets me import a web page by dragging it to a folder in the Binder. What is really special is - in the binder the folders do something different and unique - they reveal their content. Without the need to open a folder - just by selecting it - the cork board reveals there are 8 files inside. That in itself is neat, but the 8 files are are pinned onto the board so I can read its’ name and something about each file on the card… in this case 8 web pages. Immediately I am informed, at a glance! This is amazing and everything should work like that as standard. You can arrow up and down the folders in the binder and see what is inside and easily and quickly skim through many folders visually researching.

Can’t do that on Apples Finder!

I have had it for 3 days.

I could go on and on about your incredible program, but I will save us both and get back to work.

All the best and Thankyou!


Yes, and your folders can be text files, too, in that they have a text field when you hide the corkboard! Or your text files can be folders. I have no idea why modern file systems haven’t adopted that notion. It is so natural to take five text documents and say, these are beneath this text document here. Or to add notes to a folder.

I don’t know who Imagine is, but s/he has led us into a very exciting area of software interaction, where we can be infectiously happy. And I think that Amber responded to that happiness. If he can tap into this, there should be a way for Keith to clean up once he gets his marketing guns in place. God knows Scrivener deserves it.

As a total newbie, I am in love with Scrivener. I’m excited to get positive reactions to my post. Yes AmberV I have often exchanged the folder to file/folder and it was a seamlessly happy thing to do. Such flexibility and combination of attributes is powerful. It’s the best Binder I’ve ever seen.

Naturally I a novelist complete with dreams, wishing and hoping and praying for Scrivener to pass by my door… finally. It jumped out of a magazine. Scrivener is a dream. It is seriously right for any novelist… but I am happy to say that I have adopted it as a general purpose tool for research.

I find my hand fits the glove (or doink:) and to me its like a giant database but without any effort. I can store just about any document and retrieve it, or live link from it, then there’s the card system which updates itself!! the search is great, it’s fast, nothing slows it down, yet, even makes a good library storage and interface for audio and/or video, which I have tried :slight_smile: the cork board makes for a great looking video thumbnail. It’s fast, it hasn’t crashed. I now have a few .scrivs - 1 for my Novel, and then a few more for research information storage and retrieval.

I guess the analogy of a book, has always been the medium to convey information - the software tool just had to be made to enable the book to be crafted digitally - and since the book analogy works a research worker can use Scrivener as successfully as the Novelist… no doubt there is the “digital book club” here somewhere :slight_smile:.

How good is that for $40!

It`s called a ‘GIFT’. :smiley:
Take care