Can't Download Update

Hi, I’m having the hardest time downloading the update. The download bar indications 16% downloads then it stalls and eventually gives a “connection lost” message.

Does anyone else have this problem? I would really love to hear how you fixed the issue.

Thank you,
Michelle :neutral_face:

Yes I had this problem with the last several updates, I was actually just trying to get the current version to try it out, but had this exact issue and so I gave up and decided that I don’t need the Windows version anyway. It’s going to be a nightmare for its users.

I highly recommend saving up and buying a Mac :wink:

I just downloaded all three versions of the win software. Flawless downloads. No stalling. No disconnects. Perhaps you are having other problems with your computer.

As far as purchasing a Mac goes, you can get one of those shiny 16" thingies for U$2,600.00. That’ll come long real soon now in my Mac universe. I refused to purchase further debacles when the Lisa was eliminated after I spent 8K on one back in the olden times when future dinosaurs such as myself ruled over mere earthlings.

Long live the Apple 3!