Can't drag and drop

Just downloaded Scrivener 2.0 and noticed during the tutorial that I couldn’t drag and drop. This continued to be a problem when I imported a document and wanted to use “freeform” on the cork board to rearrange paragraphs. Drag and drop works on other programs on my Mac and on the desktop. Anyone had this problem before? Thanks!

Problem resolved (at least temporarily) by shutting down the program and opening it again! :smiley:

I’ve personally never seen anything like that, but interestingly enough I have heard of at least two or three reports of a similar nature within the past few weeks (and never before that). So maybe there is a tool that is relatively common that released an update that is making a bit of a mess in other Cocoa-based programs like Scrivener, or even an OS X update itself. Certainly, nothing has changed within Scrivener in the past few weeks. Or it could just be a coincidence. :slight_smile: As you note, a simple reboot or even relaunch fixes the problem, so whatever it is, it is very transient. If you do manage to isolate a cause through observed behaviour (either on your part or through automated actions the computer takes) leading up to it, let us know!

Also hit this bug during the tutorial. Restarting worked for me too, but it is a frustrating bug.