can't drag files around

I am not being able to re-order files by dragging with the mouse, in either the binder or the corkboard or the outline. Whenever I drag a file I see a circle-with-line-through-it icon, and the file won’t move to where I place it. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a behavior that hasn’t come to scrivener linux yet?

I have seen similar behaviour at times, where movement of files is prevented. I have put it down to the automatic saving of the files. This is noticeable on slow machines where the disk is busy. Symptoms include a freezing of the cursor symbol. On my computer a wait to allow the process to finish is rewarded by being able to move the text.

I improved the situation by lengthening time between saving and any automatic backups. There are personal choices which need to be made about the length of time between saves.

There may be other factors involved such as not being able move files when it needs to be saved.

With testing some sort of minimum requirements for machine / disk speed may become apparent for the program.


Auto-saving doesn’t seem to be my problem, as I can set my auto-save delay to a minute, and still not be able to re-order the documents in my project by dragging them. Plus, my Dell laptop has an i7 processor, so I don’t think it’s underpowered. :slight_smile:

I can reorder documents in the binder by using CTRL + arrow keys, but that is clumsy and doesn’t work for the corkboard. My understanding from the tutorial was that we should be able to drag documents around the binder/corkboard/outline to re-arrange them. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I’m running Scrivener on Ubuntu 12.04.

Have you selected a container, or have you selected multiple documents to view on the cork board? It makes a huge difference. By selecting a container, it displays everything “in” that container, one level down, and will allow you to rearrange them. If you have selected multiple documents, you can’t rearrange, because the cork board is then just displaying documents that could be scattered all over the place. Sorry if that’s not clear, but it’s my best understanding of the design intent.