Can't drag in binder or corkboard

I’m suddenly unable to drag and drop any files in either the binder or the cork board. Its as though everything is suddenly locked. I can move them using the move function, but dragging to rearrange items and change folder position isn’t working. I’ve checked outside of scrivener and I can drag and drop items. Any suggestions?

Have you tried restarting the software (and rebooting the computer as well)? I would also try in another project briefly, maybe create a tutorial project with the help menu and see if the problem persists there as well. If not then you could try resetting your main project’s view settings.

Sometimes the UI can get “damaged” through normal use and throwing out all of the settings will fix it. This is easy to do, you can use the File menu with the Option key held down to reveal the “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings” utility. Note you can save your project display settings separately first, using the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… command.